In collaboration From 2021 to 2022

La Consignerie

My work in a word: La Consignerie is a human-sized company based in Lille (France). I became their assigned web developer and I started to fix every month one or two tasks from the backlog. Their WooCommerce was too slow, too big and the owner didn't have time to manage it anymore.


La Consignerie is an online shop based in the north of France. They are selling returnable products for Lille and the surrounding. Their website is their only source of income.

Pierre Devred contacted me on Malt, for a long term relationship between a developer and the company. The website was only build with plugins and Elementor, making it hard to maintain. So I started to fix some issues from their (long) backlog.


  • Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
  • CMS: WordPress, WooCommerce


  1. As usual, I first worked on the performance level. So I did a good clean and I divided by 3 the size of the database for instance (from 45MB to 16MB). Medias were sorted, as well as plugins and not necessary scripts.
  2. The first “real” problem I solved was the cart and the checkout. With the number of plugins that modify those two pages, it was a bit messy and not trustful for the customer. So I modified the original templates to clear this up.
    La Consignerie Screenshot
  3. Then, I simplify the price management. La Consignerie has a subscription in their catalog, that gives discount to the whole catalog. Back then, they had to render HTML for the price for every single products, and enter the discount sale percentage manually. Now, they only have to enter the regular price and the sale price, which is only accessible for subscribers. Way easier and less time consuming.
  4. I also redesign their product price display, replacing three plugins for a custom layout.La Consignerie Screenshot
  5. Then, we added an interactive category menu, to make it user-friendly, specially on mobile.La Consignerie Screenshot
  6. As a last sprint, I redid their cart checkout, to increase their subscription rate.La Consignerie Screenshot
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I also want to work with you Thomas!