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La Minute Immobilière

My work in a word: I built a simple and content-oriented website for a Parisian real-estate agent, Gwenaël Norrant. He wanted a blog where his clients can go to have resources and extra information about the market and procedures.


Gwenaël needed the full package. A website from scratch and a simple visual identity. It is a relatively small project.

After the initial brief, I suggested the client that an already existing theme would perfectly fit. They are tons of blog theme, and if you know how to search, you can find optimized one. It is not a portfolio website, but more of a personal Wikipedia for his client.  So, it would be overkilled to create a theme from scratch, and way more expensive for him.


  • Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
  • CMS: WordPress


I left the visual identity to my friend Romain Ordonnaud, with whom I work often.

My job was to setup the best structure possible to host the content written by Gwenaël. I made it super easy for him to customize everything, and I taught him how to use the blog. Nowadays, I only help him with some technical updates.

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Like every client that I take care of, I also protected the website against spam attacks, login attacks etc.

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I also want to work with you Thomas!