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My work in a word: Prezevent is a French tech software company in the event field. I revamped their website which was slow and needed better structure in the content. I'm also in charge of the SEO / SEA and I write from time to time for their blog.


Prezevent is a human-sized company located in Paris that develops an event management platform named, you guessed it, Prezevent. The website is their main acquisition source, so it needed a good visual rework.

Guillaume Gruet, the co-founder, contacted me as he was one of my jury during my thesis defense. We started working together at the beginning of the second COVID lockdown, so the Prezevent activity was running slow, as it is strongly correlated to events.


  • Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Advertising: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads
  • Other: Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager


  1. I first worked on the performance level. I sorted and updated the essential plugins, the PHP and I cleaned the code, to make it lighter. I reworked images and changed them when possible. To give you an idea, now the website is super fast, and the Google Lighthouse Score on desktop is between 92-95/100 these days.
  2. With Guillaume, we planned progressivly to change the layouts of all pages. I recommended Romain Ordonnaud for the visual elements, and all together we are reworking each page, from the most strategic one to the less important. Here is hint of our work:Prezevent Screenshot
    Prezevent Screenshot 2
    Prezevent Screenshot 1
  3. The next step was to increase the Prezevent’s visibility and the conversion rate. We worked on the content first to improve the SEO score, and then we focused on the advertisement. We used Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, paired with landing pages, to reach the businesses directly.

Like every client that I take care of, I also protected the website against spam attacks, login attacks etc.

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