Made in 2019

Lorraine Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum with cities from Lorraine (FR)

Lorraine Ipsum is a website that generate Lorem Ipsum, but instead of Latin, it uses villages names of the French region Lorraine.


The website is just a joke coming from the expression “Lorem Ipsum”. It’s really too much efforts for a silly joke. Also, the Lorraine region next to Germany is known is France for giving special names to his village, such as BOUCHEPORN, BITCHE or THONVILLE.


This project helped me learning the basics of Javascript, if you have nothing better to do, here is the Github repository. I used the colors of the Lorraine region to make the “””Visual identity””” of the website.

Lorraine Ipsum Screenshot 1

Lorraine Ipsum Screenshot 2

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Wow, that's some serious craftmanship Thomas!