100% – Notebook #6 (Feb 2022)

Hey there, I’m Thomas, a French web enthusiast still based in Belgium. Every month, I try to focus on what happened this last month. It’s gonna be a small notebook, as I have a lot of work this month.
Let’s see then.

Where am I?

After an explosive first month, everyone is wondering if February has been as good business-wise, right?

Yes, because I’m working now 100% of my capacity. This February, I first worked with some of my usual clients, and then I started a new project for a client of Babaweb, who shall remain secret. But it’s related to the French government. And that’s taking me most of my time.
On the otherhand, I’ve stopped working for La Consignerie, for personal reasons. I did my last sprint at the end of January.

Now that my finances are way better, I can finally invest some time and money on new projects. I also want to spend more time writing this journal, to make it more interesting and concrete to read, for potential new freelancers. We’ll see how it goes.


About projects, some stuff were updated:

  • I added some possibilities on my name generator Philippe Marmotte. We started using it again with friends, so I dived quickly in it again.
  • As I’ve been busy, I didn’t take a lot of pics this month. For the Photostock of this month, I stayed in Leuven. You might want to check it out!
  • On The Curious Picker side, I still managed to thift some nice items. And I made some sales this month, pretty happy!
  • My theme Propaganda got updated as well. Better sample data, refactored some parts, new section on the homepage, and new icons and patterns. And more to come when I’ll have time! I sincerly thank people who installed it and made some feedbacks.

No site of the month this time, I didn’t have time to surf enough on the web.
Anyway, thanks for passing by, see you soon spoon! 🥄

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