All Work and no Play Makes Thomas a Happy Boy – Notebook #5 (Jan 2022)

Hey there, I’m Thomas, a French web enthusiast currently based in Belgium. Every month, I try to focus on what happened this last month. I hope you didn’t break any New Year resolutions yet because I sure did.
Ok so what was up this first month?

Where am I?

2022 is gonna be a busy year, I can tell you this. I had my highest monthly incomes ever.
So, I keep working every month for Prezevent and La Consignerie (which is growing super fast by now), and I started working with an agency called Babaweb. As a “test”, I helped them building the search feature for one of their client, and we are now working together quite much. Probably next month, I’ll have a couple of websites to show you.
And finally, I’m also doing small fixes for several websites, thanks to two new clients: the SEO agency Digitalink and the SEO expert Nathan Hele.
So I don’t have much to show here, except features and fixes, but I’ve been super busy and I like the feeling of growing my network. It’s kind of snowballing.

Also, since I started this Notebook, I convinced myself to learn the Dutch language. I can tell you now I passed my exams this month and I’m level A1/A2. Ik ben heel blij!


Concerning my projects, not much but let’s see:

  • I thrifted a bit on The Curious Picker, but nothing extraordinary.
  • The Photostock of this month are again snow related, because I didn’t have the time to take a lot of pictures this month. So, it’s same as previous week.

Site of the month

Awesome Artistic Direction, cool project. Chirpley is a “peer-to-peer all-in-one influencer marketplace specifically focussed on nano and micro influencers”. Not sure what it means but the website is great looking, although it could need some performance settings.

Thanks for passing by, see you later alligator! 🐊

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