Long time no see – Notebook #7 (Aug 2022)

Hey there, I’m Thomas, a French web enthusiast still based in Belgium. Every month, I try to focus on what happened this last month. It’s been a while since I wrote something here. A lot happened!

Where am I?

Still in Belgium and still working full-time as freelancer.

Since we last talked:

  • the institutional website in collaboration with Babaweb is out:
  • the website of the plastic surgery cabinet Anthèse is soon to be out. The client wanted it to be fully manageable with WPBakery. Quite a challenge, but it worked out fine and the result is great!
  • the work with Prezevent is consistent and the SEO is growing really good!
  • I did a one time job with some serious clients, such as (my first real Belgian client!), or and many more.
    What’s good is that I’m starting to have a real web of clients, who recommand me and promote me. It makes the prospection way easier.
  • I also have a teaching class planned in September for the Orsys structure. Exciting!

But there were also some bad news. Due to personal circumstance, I was a bit in a bad place this summer, which affected my work sadly. The peak was the middle of August, as I had to stop all my current projects for a while. It seriously impacted the relationship I had with a new client I really wanted to work with.
Since the work was slower, the finances are less good than in the beginning of the year sadly.

But now I know better how I should mix my personal et profesional life, to avoid that it overlaps too much. An expensive lesson, but still a lesson.


During this time, I managed to update some personal projects:

  • To begin small, my name generator Philippe Marmotte got a nice update. There is even more possibilies now, especially for really uncommon names.
  • As I’ve been busy, I didn’t take a lot of pics those previous months. I went to Germany and Austria this summer, so the Photostock of this month are germanic oriented.
  • My WordPress theme Propaganda got a complete “Refactoring update”.
    New icons, new content types useful for portfolio of developers (documentation, logos), share functionnality and clients page improved, etc.
    I’ll put the small changelog here.
  • The biggest change is for The Curious Picker: the website is finally finished and polished!
    Over 150 products, completed policies, new art direction (website and emails), new blog, realistic shipping costs etc.
    The shop already made a few sales, mainly in UK and US, as the SEO literally exploded. Over the moon with it!

Site of the month

persepolis.getty .edu

Even if worths the visit, it was difficult to not put the Persepolis experience in this category. I love History, even more Antiquity, and the website feels just like a movie. The Dutch from MEDIA.MONKS did a fantastic job.

Later skater! 🛹

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