(Good) News of the World – Notebook #4 (Dec 2021)

Hey there, I’m Thomas, a French web enthusiast currently based in Belgium. Every month, I try to focus on what happened this last month. I sincerely hope you had a wonderful times with your family and friends. Nobody really asked me but yes, I had a nice time, thank you.

Where am I?

This month has been challenging and super busy. But it’s a wonderful news! I got a lot of offers, and really serious ones. Most of them are remote, and not full-time which is perfect. I started to work with La Consignerie, an independent eco-friendly grocery store. And I’m there for the long run!
I’m also starting with two new clients in January (normally), but I’ll tell you more about it when it starts.
I’m chatting with two companies for a possible long-term part-time missions. I’m almost fully booked!

Sadly, I’m struggling with a big company these days, because I accepted something that I thought I could do, but turns out I can’t (it’s with Hubspot CMS, not a lot of possibilities with it). I think it happened to every freelancer once? But now, they are asking me some stuff for which I need to learn for hours the technology before hands. We’ll see how things will go.


I didn’t do a lot on my personal projects this month, as I was super busy spending time with family AND working. I could still do a thing or two:

  • I thrifted a lot on The Curious Picker this month. This reminds me to force you to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • The Photostock of this month are snow related, because I was in the French mountains for a while.

Site of the month

This website is a tool that helps you understanding the Dark timeline. It’s a great German SF serie, but it is sometimes difficult to remember what happened two episodes ago. And the website is gorgeous and yet looks simple (it is not). A lot of animations reminding the intro are present, it is well structured. Well done Netflix.

Thanks for passing by, hasta la vista!

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