Structure – Notebook #3 (Nov 2021)

Hey there, I’m Thomas, a French web enthusiast currently based in Belgium. Every month, I try to focus on what happened this last month. It’s been cold here, and like we say in France sometimes: « Le vent de novembre arrache la dernière feuille ». Nobody really say that.

Where am I?

It’s been three months since I’ve been writing here, and I’m afraid it’s gonna be boring. It’s a bit like last month: I got a lot of offers, but I had to turn down most of them, including a job in a prestigious French bank. Why? Because they want me to work in Paris full-time, which I can’t do.
The good news is, by the time I’m writing these lines, I have 3 serious leads, that tick all of my boxes:

  • One as a front-end developer (some days a week) for a creative agency in Paris.
  • One for making a website with Magento for a Parisian brand.
  • And one (that I thought was lost forever, see the last article where I talk about it) for a rework of their Google Tag Manager workflow.

And it takes a lot of times, which I’m sure is normal, but I’m not used to it. It’s also something I have to learn, and that’s why it’s important to plan correctly your mission calendar. You don’t want to do nothing for one month, because it is unlikely that you’ll find something (and finish it) in a short amount of time. Most companies have process, and you have to go with it.


What is new among my personal projects this month? Well…

  • Propaganda, my WordPress theme got a significant update: in addition to some small tweaks, I added a “related posts” section below each post, I also automatically filled the alt of the icons everywhere on this website and now the posts archive has a category menu. Not bad right?
  • Lorraine Ipsum is now copying rich text instead of pure HTML (which was a bad idea to begin with). There is also some small design tweaks.
  • For The Curious Picker, I refactored the email front-end, wrote some articles and of course got new products (including this rare antique print 🖼).
  • As for this website, I started to write articles more actively. We never know, it might help someone one day. I also try to increase the amount of content for the Notebook serie.
  • I increased my Photostock collection during the time I went to Milano for a weekend, neat!

Site of the month


So, this website is a bit bitter for me. I choose the Citadelle Gin’s website because #1, it’s stunning (and somehow classic), #2, it’s French, #3, I love gin and #4, I was chatting with the brand to participate to a big refreshing. I didn’t get it of course, as I was beginning and they probably went for an agency anyway.

Thanks for passing by, see you next month!

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